My most comforting thought.

The last Fascist leader fell off his chair and died on the floor.

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I’m not afraid of losing anyone. I’m not afraid of winning her over.

I’ve just never felt so much bliss, so much true, sober, bliss.






40 year old woman, born deaf, hears for the first time

this is wild

im just imagining her listening to music for the first time and oh my god

someone give this woman a fucking HUG already!!!

i literally started crying i was so happy for her, that was the definition of pure human emotion. 

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I spent so long searching for love, and I all but lost it for everyone and everything at some points. But when I stopped looking, it was suddenly right there in front of me.

I fell in love with a girl. But I love everything because of her. And even 6,000 miles away, even if she decided to never speak to me again, I’d still remember this feeling.

I’m laughing at myself. Laughing for how stupid I have been. And laughing at how beautiful the world is right now.

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Ok honestly if I were female I wear the hell out of these!

must have. cannot continue on without.

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When you haven’t eaten in 14 hours,

no one can stop you from grabbing the first five slices of pizza.